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  • Hey! I am a women homebrewer and my boyfriend often helps me out with the brewing process. I mention that just to say that if we go to a homebrew store or first mention to people that we make beer, it is very often assumed that he is the leader in that. He doesn’t get into the details of it and really just like to consume the beer (who can blame him), so it is funny what people assume it’s a mans hobby or whatever. I am always trying to convince my female friends to get involved and they hardly seem interested until I mention it can be a couples activity! Women usually (but of course not always) just want something they can do with their partners and it’s a win win type hobby in my eyes. You get to do something together and in the end everyone gets beer. I bet more women will get involved in the future and it will be blogs like yours that make it happen. Keep doing what you’re doing girl! Great article and definitely highlights the lack of female home brewers compared to their male counterparts. As a female home brewer and craft beer enthusiast I have experienced the general feeling of it being a male dominated field. Thank you for sharing your article about Women Who Brew.