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Written by scott

Photography by Cindy Taylor

Anyone who’s been out to Jonesville Park on a fall evening has no doubt witnessed the flood of minivans pouring out of its parking lot. In one confined area, you’ve got Gatorball, Gainesville Soccer Alliance and the Jonesville Tennis Center all conducting business. As much as Gainesville is a college sports town on the weekends, youth sports dominate the remainder of the week — at this park and many other venues around the town. Whether your child is into lacrosse, tennis or gymnastics, there are plenty of options. Here are some of our favorites.


Cooper 6_RETOUCHEDCooper, Age 5

Soccer is a great way to introduce young kids to group sports. Terrific passing, impressive ball movement, and strategic goal making: well, you probably won’t see any of that during a preschool soccer game. But what you will see during this “magnet ball” match are a lot of smiles as kids learn to be part of a team, play fair, and enjoy the benefits of exercising in a fun environment.






If your child is interested in soccer, here are some teams that he or she can join:

Soccer Club Teams

Gainesville Soccer Alliance



Gainesville Youth Soccer Inc.

(352) 505-5151


Leg – A-Z



Nico 1_RETOUCHEDNico, Age 9


Lacrosse is up-and-coming in our area. Exposing elementary-age kids to what is referred to as “America’s first sport” gives them the opportunity to refine their skills so that they can play in middle and high school teams. This combination of basketball, soccer and hockey helps kids to improve their coordination, agility, and speed. The great thing is that anyone can play lacrosse: big or small, boys or girls.





If your child is interested in lacrosse, here are some teams that he or she can join:

Lacrosse Club Teams

Gainesville Red Hawks

(301) 802-7336


Florida Generals

(301) 802-7336


Gainesville Lacrosse Association

(352) 378-5476


Elizabeth 1_RETOUCHED

Elizabeth, Age 11


Whether it’s track & field or cross country, running is popular in Gainesville among young and young-at-heart alike. Maybe it’s because of our community’s outstanding trails, the abundance of top-notch tracks at our disposal, or just a result of our health-conscious culture. Whatever the reason, running is a great form of exercise that’s free, available year-round, and a good form of exercise for kids of any age.





If your child is interested in track here are some teams that he or she can join:

Track Club Teams

Florida Track Club



Gainesville Striders


Baseball & Softball Club Teams

Babe Ruth League and Santa Fe Babe Ruth Girls Fastpitch Softball



Elite Pro Ball



Gatorball Baseball Academy

(352) 379-2999


Gator Girls Fast Pitch

(352) 327-8145



(352) 374-9622


Cheerleading Club Teams

Florida Team Cheer

(352) 222-9977


Team Spirit Cheer and Dance

(352) 331-8773



(386) 454-1779

Football Club Teams

Boys and Girls Club



Pop Warner Football


American Youth Football




Gymnastics Club Teams

Balance 180



Sun Country Sports Center

(352)331- 8773 or (352) 378-8711 gymnastics


(386) 454-1779



(352) 374-9622


Swim Clubs

Gator Swim Club


Makos Aquatics Club of Gainesville


Synchro Gainesville

(352) 682-0515

Tennis Club Teams

Mike Oransksy Gainesville Tennis Academy

(352) 376-8250


300 Club

(352) 377-6927


DB Raquet Club

(352) 377-9580


Jonesville Tennis Center

(352) 331-9558


USTA Jr. Team Tennis – Gainesville League




Volleyball Club Teams


Girl’s Place



Gainesville Athletic Club



Gainesville Juniors



Vision Volleyball of Gainesville



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