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  • I used to see him (the Gatorman), at that time I was an Aerospace Engineering student at the UF, I now live in Brazil (my home country) and work at EMBRAER.

    Good times, I miss the atmosphere of the UF campus.

  • Remember Gatorman as well. One of my frat brothers had befriended him and he use to come by the house occasionally.

  • When I moved into the original Hume Hall in Jan 1976 I saw a Gatorman riding his bike from Lake Alice wearing his helmet. Later I was walking through the crowd at a outdoor concert on the Reitz Union lawn, Gatorman happened to be walking in front of me wearing his artificial gator skin top hat and tails. A couple of girls were on either side trying to get his attention, as his walked the crowd noticed him, whispering to each other “Gatorman”, and parted to give him the path. Everyone knew about Gatorman, a cult figure on campus, good memories from UF.