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Doctor Who: Dr. Douglas Adel

Written by Erica Brown

Dr. Douglas Adel – Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Who or what inspired you to go into dentistry?

The two people who inspired me to go into dentistry were Dr. Bob Marks (my dentist growing up) and my dad, Dr. Frank Adel, M.D., a physician who also practiced in Lake City, Fla. Both of these men had their own private practices, treated many patients daily to the best of their ability, were highly regarded in the community, and believed that every patient should be treated with dignity and respect. Those “rules of business” are the same way that I treat my patients today. Each patient has different needs and you must communicate and listen to the individual patient needs to help diagnose and restore our patient’s dental health, as well as address any cosmetic concerns or needs that they may have. I wanted to work in a profession where I would be able to blend science and art and have the ability to help people. Becoming a dentist was the perfect career choice for me.

Your practice is celebrating its 25th anniversary; how has it evolved over the years? What is your best memory from your time practicing medicine?

Celebrating our 25th year of practicing dentistry is truly a blessing. The philosophy of our office has always been to treat our patients as family members and provide quality dentistry for each individual patient. Since 1990, we have renovated our office to double the original size and there is no more writing down appointments and charting — we are a paperless office; we have gone from developing X-rays to digital x-rays that instantaneously show up on the computer monitors, and of course, every operatory and hygiene room is equipped with computers and LED lighting. We strive to be a “green” office. One of my favorite memories from practicing in one location for so long is that now we are seeing third-generation patients coming to our office.

What new advances in dentistry do you see helping your patients in the future? 

Dental technology and equipment is constantly changing, and this allows my practice to perform procedures that I could only dream of 25 years ago. We are in an age where there should rarely be a need to loose a single tooth. If a tooth is lost due to trauma, it can easily be replaced today by implantology, and it looks as real as the tooth it replaces. Procedures and materials continue to improve with long-lasting results for our patients. Digital technology allows us to take digital impressions with sophisticated intra-oral cameras as opposed to time-consuming traditional impressions. Digital computerization also allows us to take digital radiographs, which are more accurate, utilize one-tenth of the amount of radiation from previous x-rays, and then can be used to diagnose and store dental information on the patient. Designing and placing porcelain veneers to help patients create a beautiful and natural smile is becoming more common. Any shape, size and color is possible, and the results speak for themselves. It is truly a life-changing investment.

How can parents instill good dental habits in their children?

Parents can instill good dental habits in their children by setting a good example for them. Show them your routine and why it takes at least two minutes to adequately clean all the teeth in in your mouth, and let them know this must be done at least twice a day and after sugary and sticky snacks. I encourage parents to bring their 3-year-old children with them to watch while they are having their teeth cleaned. This allows the child to watch, ask questions and then they want to have their teeth cleaned. Patient education is the key.

“If I weren’t a dentist, I’d be…”

I can honestly say that for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a dentist. If I wasn’t physically doing dentistry in my office, then I would want to teach dentistry at a dental school.


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