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Doctor Who: Dr. Chris Balamucki

Written by Erica Brown

Dr. Chris Balamuck 

Why did you decide to go into radiation oncology? 

I went into radiation oncology for many reasons. Most importantly, I love helping my patients who are looking for hope as they navigate through emotions associated with their diagnosis of cancer. I also really enjoy the complexity of the clinical decision-making process in addition to the utilization of cutting-edge technology in patient care.

You have been very active in community outreach and education. What is the number one thing you would like readers to understand about cancer and cancer treatments?

Although a new diagnosis of cancer can be anxiety provoking, there are a lot of great treatment options available with new technological advances being made every day improving outcomes in our patients.

What is a common misconception about the work you do? 

One common misconception is that a radiation oncologist is the same as a diagnostic radiologist, which is an entirely different specialty.

“If I weren’t a doctor, I’d be…” A chemical engineer. I worked as a chemical engineer after graduating from Virginia Tech as I was applying to get into medical school. The idea of this career change occurred near the end of my college experience.


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