Arts and Culture October/November 2017

Building Legacy

Written by Erica Brown

Nine years ago, GFW cultivated a shared dream to gather Gainesville’s bustling community of artists, designers, musicians, students and community-builders in a seasonal event in which individuals would have the opportunity to express their passions, explore new ideas and connect with one another.
Today GFWX continues forward as an outlet for the creative community and strives to persist on a platform of professional development with real-world experience for everyone involved.
GFW, in its 10th year, is where fashion enthusiasts come to celebrate their love for design.
For #GFWX, our work is our legacy.

GFW celebrates local artists by inviting them to come together, collaborate and create what inspires them. Each season, local artists and artisans are selected to be part of the GFW family and contribute their work while gaining community-wide recognition for their crafts and talents.


Creative Direction: Albey Coronel

Coordination: Emily Romeu

Photography: Bobby Fox

Design: Neutral7 Design Group

Production: Anne Waiver, Alexandra Notrica, Krysta Lee, Scott Purcell, Victoria Trieu, Martha Pointer

Stylist: Emily romeu

Hair: Bryan Dean (IG: HairbyBryanDean)

Makeup: Liz Meghan

Model: Lauren Malone

Clothes and Accessories provided by Wolfgang Gainesville

Jewelry provided by Bobby Foxx Designs

A staple of style and culture in downtown Gainesville, GFWX stands as a catalyst in connection individuals in art, music, business and student communities for the love of celebrating artistic expression, sharing meaningful moments and contributing Gainesville’s bustling downtown scene.

As a foundation for professional development, GFW has provided students and other individuals an outlet for creative development, team-building and leadership for those interested in pursuing careers in fashion, public relations, marketing and event management.

Creative Direction: Albey Coronel
Coordination: Nicole Akerman/Dinah Stephens
Photography: Albey Coronel
Production: Jennifer Jenkins, Dinah Stephens
Hair: Lonie Carpenter/Emily Mitchell/Emily [email protected] Mode Salon
Makeup: Andrea De La Cruz
Models: Bayle Cainas, Ellen Straub, Katie Sutton, Rachel Lloyd, Fernando Mariosa, Jarrett Repasky
Clothing and Accessories provided by Sandy’s Savvy Chick Resale Boutique

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