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Scott Costello, Publisher & CEO

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Erica Brown, Director of Operations

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Albert Isaac, Managing Editor of HOME

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Samantha Ramirez, Managing Editor of Business

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Jennifer Siorek, Advertising Strategist

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Kristin Pressley, Advertising Strategist

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Elisha Young, Client Relations Manager

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Anibal Rodriguez, Creative Director

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Mack Hough, Art Director 

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Catherine Perkinson, Event Coordinator

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Esther Mallard, Bookkeeper

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Allison Durham, Staff Photographer

John Sloan, Staff Photographer


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  • Gainesville Harmony Chorus and Gainesville Barbergators will be uniting to perform a Barbershop Style Christmas show on December 9th. We would like to be included in your calendar of events and / or inquire about the cost of placing an ad for our show.

    • We can add that to our calendar if you provide more detail. I will have someone from our team reach out to you about the ad.