Gainesville's Best Group Fitness Experiences

Gainesville is certainly no stranger when it comes to technology start-ups or to fitness enthusiasts. The city hosts some of the most innovative tech start ups like Grooveshark and RoomSync along with the best gyms in the nation. The Gator Nation loves its tech and craves the newest and best workouts. With so many amazing choices available, finding the best fitness classes can be overwhelming.

Three motivated staff members of peerFit, a fitness technology start-up in Gainesville, embarked on a journey for the summer: Find the BEST group fitness classes in Gainesville. Ed Buckley, Kari Pflanzer, and Christy Sio tried over 60 classes at six different facilities, in less than one month and used peerFit’s fitness app to rate and comment on their experiences. Now, comparing Boot Camp to Pilates can be an apples to oranges comparison, which is why all the classes were rated based upon universal metrics: instructor motivation, physical environment, group dynamics, and how closely the workout matches the description of the class.


  • Sports Conditioning, GHF Main Center, Wednesday 645pm
    • Instructor: Andy Farina
    • PROS: This class boosts one of the highest energy experiences of them all. Andy, the instructor has a cult-like following of die-hard members. Be ready to work your buns off. CONS: The class is well over an hour, and takes a fair amount of dedication physically and calendar-wise.
  • Boot Camp, Body by Boris, Wednesday 730pm
    • PROS: This class hosts the best workout of all classes. Run by a former Marine, mercy isn’t the objective of this training class, conditioning is. CONS: The location is far from the center of town, and the insects outdoors can be vicious.
  • Zumba, GHF Main Center, Sunday 4pm
    • PROS: Unlike any other class you will take in the city, there are so many people it is held inside the gym’s basketball court. With over 150 people “partying”, it’s easy to be a first-timer and no matter your fitness level, you will have fun. CONS: For those looking for a muscle draining experience Zumba won’t be high on your list, and some of the moves take time to pick up.
  • Boot Camp, GHF Main Center, Tuesday 530pm
    • PROS: A true-to-life boot camp experience with climbing walls, net climbs, rope descents, and carrying telephone poles around. You will feel like you just arrived on Parris Island and are reporting for duty. CONS: You must be in good shape, as much of this workout requires skill beyond an average person. You are not only at the mercy of Andy, but as with any Boot Camp Mother Nature plays a role in this outdoor experience.
  • On a Roll, Lifestyle Wellness, Thursday, 630pm
    • PROS: Whether you are looking to work out some of your sore muscles, or just stretch out, this relaxing class does wonders will a roller. You walk away from this class feeling like you have just gotten a massage. CONS: The fitness room is an old office and isn’t very “gym like.”
  • Liquid TNT, GHF Main Center, M/W/F 9am
    • PROS: Maria is one of the most knowledgeable instructors we came across. She blends a tough aqua workout with great insights for your fitness experience. CONS: Be ready to slip into that swimsuit because you will be in the pool surround by 40 of your soon-to-be closest friends.
  • Body Ultimate, GHF Main Center, Tuesday, 6pm
    • PROS: In a studio overlooking the entire gym, you will get the best indoor workout in Gainesville.  Ball slams, TRX bands, and lots of sweating is what you should expect in this fast-paced class. CONS: The music was heavy metal and never rotated to anything else.
  • Abs and Glutes/ Plyo Power, Alter Ego, 645/715pm
    • PROS: These two classes held back-to-back offer one of the best workouts which constantly keep you guessing what’s next. The instructors have different styles but very motivating. CONS: Can be tough on your joints if you aren’t careful. The fitness room is slightly smaller than desired.


  • Butt Kicking Workouts
    • Boot Camp, GHF Main Center
    • Body by Jimmie, Alter Ego
    • Boot Camp, Body by Boris
  • Cycle the Day Away
    • All Terrain, GHF, Thursday 930am
    • Sunrise Cycle, Lifestyle, Tuesday 710am
    • All Terrain, GHF, M/W/F 930am
  • Relax & Recharge
    • Simply Stretch, GHF Women’s Center, Saturday 10am
    • On a Roll, Lifestyle Wellness
    • Chaircore Pilates, Lifestyle Wellness
  • Every Day Favorites
    • Liquid TNT, GHF Main Center, M/W/F 9am
    • Abs & Glutes/ Plyo Power, Alter Ego Monday 645/715pm
    • Zumba, GHF Main Center, Sunday 4pm

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